How to Stay Married

respect your partner

Statistics have shown that divorce rate has declined recently.  That’s great news.  BUT there’s still work to be done to help married people stay married particularly for those couples getting married young.  Stats show that the older the couple, the better chance they have of staying married.

It takes both husband and wife to work things out.  There are tools to help your marriage just as there are steps to take to help you get through it.  You can get relationship advice to help you communicate with your spouse, work together as a team and be truthful and caring.  In my book I give you advice on what you can do to help keep your marriage going.

Unconditional respect for one another.  Just as you are important so is your partner.  Your partner’s feelings are still his or her feelings.  Respect what she or he has to say and try to understand where he or she is coming from.  The key here is to not judge nor insult one another.  RESPECT.

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